Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book Review :: Ranting and a lot of laughing for Mama

Let's be honest no one gives us that book that really details the reality of bringing home your first child. Tales from the Pantry by Shari Owen Brown reminds us of what it is like to need that "lock" on the inside of Pantry door and snack on that bag of chips while #whoknowswhat is happening on the other side.

This book was a peek behind the scenes into a life of a mother with two young children. A simple tug at the curtains to see and listen to a mothers plea for sanity at times. No one really wants to pull the blinds all the way open and this book is a funny but yet true look at a mothers sometimes daily life.

I personally agree that there should be a peak into this life before you head down that road of motherhood. Be fully warned but PLEASE take the path it is SO worth the sleepless nights, tantrums, dirty diapers, endless crying and that unbelievable smile from your child that takes you to a place you can't describe.

I personally didn't mind all the ranting and love the twitter references #thetruthhurts and don't get me started on agreeing about the FRENCH FRIES #whatisupwiththat!

And please please send me the directions to the PARENT only park! I will be the one with the Pinot Noir Sippy cup :)

I will be sharing this book with some of my Mama's for a nice laugh!!

Happy Reading!


Product Description (from Amazon)

Tales From the Pantry: Random Rants & Musings of a Stay-at-Home Mom is a collection of witty, funny, and sometimes gut-wrenching stories told by a 40-something mother of two small children. Based upon the popular blog 'Don't Make Me Count to Three!', Shari Owen Brown uses humor to navigate the daily slings and arrows of motherhood. Many parents can relate to the often unspoken challenges of child rearing. And for those who have yet to have children...consider yourself warned! Shari found herself the last of her friends to have children and was then SHOCKED to discover all of the lies she had been told! Why hadn't anybody mentioned these things before?!! It was like a secret club of parents who dared not tell the truth or else none of their friends would have children, leaving them all alone in their own private nightmare! Shari blows the lid off of these unspoken challenges & discusses daily life in a funny and entertaining way that still manages to speak the truth. It is a great outlet for parents to laugh at themselves through Shari, and realize that they are not alone or crazy (well, maybe just a little!) for feeling the way that they do.

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