Monday, December 24, 2012

A review | December Quotes

Some of my favorite quotes from December. I hope you have enjoyed them. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Update from the heart | a confession


o this post has nothing to do with a book review but to just spread the word and keep myself true to the blogging world. I have been consumed with WORK. 

Yup the real deal, offline face to face work that is paying the bills. I really can't complain business has been great at AAPA Concepts. And my confession gets better - I have been planning and brainstorming a new deign for A Reading Journal. 

All the fun stuff has been working on my new web design in wordpress thesis with the help of the fabulous GirlsGuide toWeb Design class and using the knowledge of the Mama of Google Luv Vanita Cyril that will help to increase my audience hopefully more than a smidgen or two finger (reference for all the bar chicas) 

So bear with me ...I hope you are enjoying the quotes posting on the facebook page. That has been pure therapy for me in the mornings. You can also find them on my boards in Pinterest

So again here is to YOU - my virtual world.

New website coming | 2013

I can't wait for your feedback.

Wishes for you all | Happy Holidays

Take the time... kick back with family and friends - not just the facebook updates but reach out and speak to your family and friends I am sure they would love the notion.

Goals shmoals (my own word) | set up and break them

Yeah we all do it set them make a list, get all anxious, forget them just enjoy the new year things will get done and days will always get better.

Sound like a good plan for end of year? What is on your holiday schedule? Please share.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

November Reading List | A Reading Journal

November books selectionSandy has passed finally and now the new phase is getting things back in order. This is a quick post about my selection for November. I am not in much of the writing mood with as much of the ciaos that is surrounding us right now after the storm. Just wanted to share some of the books I requested from the library. I hope you enjoy and if you have any to share I would love to add to my must#read list.

November | Books

November Book Selection | A Reading Journal

Fiction | History of a Pleasure Seeker

History of a Pleasure Seeker by Richard Mason

Move over Shades! 

goodreads,com - From the acclaimed author of The Drowning People (“A literary sensation” —The New York Times Book Review) and Natural Elements(“A magnum opus” —The New Yorker), an opulent, romantic coming-of-age drama set at the height of Europe’s belle époque, written in the grand tradition with a lightness of touch that is wholly modern and original.

Teen | The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle)

The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle) By Maggie Stiefvater - From Maggie Stiefvater, the bestselling and acclaimed author of theShiver trilogy and The Scorpio Races, comes a spellbinding new series where the inevitability of death and the nature of love lead us to a place we’ve never been before

Children | All the Water in the World

What are you reading this Month? Please share.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Book Review | And One Last Thing ...By Molly Harper

Book review | And One Last Thing ... By Molly Harper
can’t begin to tell you how much I laughed when I read the first sentence of this book, And One Last Thing ... By Molly Harper. It has to be my ultimate laugh out loud and “NO she didn't just write that” best first sentence. But you can be the judge:
"If Singletree’s only florist didn’t deliver her posies half-drunk, I might still be married to that floor-licking, scum-sucking, receptionist-nailing hack-accountant, Mike Terwilliger."
Now you want to read more right! Don’t get all judgmental I am not always reading chick lit books and really took this recommendation from one of the book clubs I joined on I had no idea what the book was about but really wanted that quick train read. And reading a nice relationship book can put you in the right frame of mind when things get a bit crazy in your own kitchen.

Share a Book Rating | 4 - Great book, but hey you tell me is it a 5!! Read below will have details about the story so here is your warning ** SPOILER ALERT **

Book Review | Setting & Characters

The main theme of the book does center on the main characters behavior after she sent the email that we would all want to send at the end of a very bad relationship but it does not over power the story. With this act she discovers her true desires in life as an individual, lover and family member. Set in the isolated woods of a family cabin, a place to retreat to in the hysteria of a push of the ENTER button, she finds comfort in her own discoveries. The author does a brilliant job focusing on the main characters discovery with the entire additional sub characters each playing a voice in her head. The strength of family, new friends and losing it all can lead to a self-discovery.

I have to say the lake setting and day turning into night writing was a favorite scene for me as I wish I could trade places with that peacefulness. And the pursuit of being an author kept me wanting more for this girl!

Book Review | A little research has an author review of Molly Harper. On her blog she states that she was “A former newspaper reporter and church secretary, I write paranormal romance and romance novels. This blog is where I shamelessly promote them.”

I found this great video. Love when I can see the author and learn more about them. Check it out

Product Description from Amazon 
"If Singletree’s only florist didn’t deliver her posies half-drunk, I might still be married to that floor-licking, scum-sucking, receptionist-nailing hack-accountant, Mike Terwilliger."
Lacey Terwilliger’s shock and humiliation over her husband’s philandering prompt her to add some bonus material to Mike’s company newsletter: stunning Technicolor descriptions of the special brand of "administrative support" his receptionist gives him. The detailed mass e-mail to Mike’s family, friends, and clients blows up in her face, and before one can say "instant urban legend," Lacey has become the pariah of her small Kentucky town, a media punch line, and the defendant in Mike’s defamation lawsuit.
Her seemingly perfect life up in flames, Lacey retreats to her family’s lakeside cabin, only to encounter an aggravating neighbor named Monroe. A hunky crime novelist with a low tolerance for drama, Monroe is not thrilled about a newly divorced woman moving in next door. But with time, beer, and a screen door to the nose, a cautious friendship develops into something infinitely more satisfying.
Lacey has to make a decision about her long-term living arrangements, though. Should she take a job writing caustic divorce newsletters for paying clients, or move on with her own life, pursuing more literary aspirations? Can she find happiness with a man who tells her what he thinks and not what she wants to hear? And will she ever be able to resist saying one . . . last . . . thing?
Other links to Molly Harper

Conclusion| My thoughts 

Like I said I really enjoyed this book and the first sentence might be my 2012 Best first sentence, laugh out loud award. Molly Harper brought us into a family situation that many of us shy away from. The author leads us through a relationship that ended in turmoil and shows that a second chance can happen for each person. Although, these signs might have been there through out the relationship it can lead to drastic measures on both sides when these two people aren't  meant to be together. No matter if the buzzed florist delivers the wrong package or that voice in your head leads you to change. It is a good thing and over time bitterness aside a new beginning will come to you once you accept.

So I say read it pick it up at the library (like I did) share it with a girlfriend and laugh, enjoy her new experiences and remember all in time things move forward. 

Question| what would you do if you got the wrong flowers? Please share.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Book Review | It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership By Colin Powell, Tony Koltz

I can only tell you that this book is a great read for a person in need of a little guidance on working hard, paying your dues, being part of a team and being a strong individual. Not only was I impresses with the writing and the information in this book. I immediately wanted to send it to my nephew. I recently finished this book It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership By Colin Powell, Tony Koltz. I thought I was going to read a military book but it was MORE.

Share a Book Rating | 5 - Loved it! Can't wait to share with you! Read below will have details about the story so here is your warning ** SPOILER ALERT **

Book Review | Setting & Character

Colin Luther Powell is an American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. He was the 65th United States Secretary of State, serving under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005. Mr. Powell states in this book book "the importance of really knowing who you are and how to always be yourself to why I put an emphasis on knowing and taking care of others, especially those who are your followers." (from his letter on

Book Review | A little research

It starts with his Thirteen Rules. I would say a great reminder to those that have a little doubt. My favorites #2, #4 and #11. 

CLP's Thirteen Rules:
  1. It ain't as bad as you think. It will look better in the morning.
  2. Get mad, then get over it.
  3. Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it.
  4. It can be done!
  5. Be careful what you choose. You may get it.
  6. Don't let adverse facts stand in the way of a good decision.
  7. You can't make someone else's choices. You shouldn't let someone else make yours.
  8. Check small things.
  9. Share credit.
  10. Remain calm. Be kind.
  11. Have a vision. Be demanding.
  12. Don't take counsel of your fears or naysayers.
  13. Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.

From Amazon Product Description

"It Worked for Me is filled with vivid experiences and lessons learned that have shaped the legendary public service career of the four-star general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell. At its heart are Powell's "Thirteen Rules"—notes he gathered over the years and that now form the basis of his leadership presentations given throughout the world. Powell's short but sweet rules—among them, "Get mad, then get over it" and "Share credit"—are illustrated by revealing personal stories that introduce and expand upon his principles for effective leadership: conviction, hard work, and, above all, respect for others. In work and in life, Powell writes, "it's about how we touch and are touched by the people we meet. It's all about the people."
A natural storyteller, Powell offers warm and engaging parables with wise advice on succeeding in the workplace and beyond. "Trust your people," he counsels as he delegates presidential briefing responsibilities to two junior State Department desk officers. "Do your best—someone is watching," he advises those just starting out, recalling his own teenage summer job mopping floors in a soda-bottling factory.
Powell combines the insights he has gained serving in the top ranks of the military and in four presidential administrations with the lessons he's learned from his immigrant-family upbringing in the Bronx, his training in the ROTC, and his growth as an Army officer. The result is a powerful portrait of a leader who is reflective, self-effacing, and grateful for the contributions of everyone he works with."

Book review | What I have to say

I am looking forward to one day meeting Mr. Powell. He is now on my list of people to meet. I admire his sense of patriotism, family values and work ethics. We all start in situations that are not by choice it is within yourself that we need to take hold of and make our destiny. Knowing your mission and your goals are the first signs of taking those steps to a healthier future.

Mr. Powell is a great storyteller and his wisdom is one to share. As I did. I also appreciate how he didn't need to bring his family into the forefront - by all means we don't need another reality show.

Do you have a favorite person you would like to meet after reading a book? Please share.

Keep Turning those pages!
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Book Review | The Cove by Ron Rash

Let me be honest I wasn't sure about another Oprah pick but I am a sucker for a new story and always try to give the book a chance and even the source of the recommendation. Ron Rash author of THE COVE is an excellent read.

Share a Book Rating | 4 - Great book, but hey you tell me is it a 5!

Read below will have details about the story so here is your warning ** SPOILER ALERT **

Book Review | Theme, Characters & Setting 

The setting for this book is in a cove and a small town far back in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina at the height of World War I. The story is about a brother and sister, Hank and Laurel Shelton who share a farm that has seen it's life of bad luck and the neighbors see it as cursed. A stranger enters the life on the farm as a community is starting to regroup after the war with a strong resistance to outsiders.

Book Review | A little Research Author Profile :: Ron Rash is the author of the 2009 PEN/Faulkner Finalist and New York Times bestselling novel, Serena, in addition to three other prizewinning novels, One Foot in Eden, Saints at the River, and The World Made Straight; three collections of poems; and four collections of stories, among them Burning Bright, which won the 2010 Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award, and Chrmistry and Other Stories, which was a finalist for the 2007 PEN/Faulkner Award. Twice the recipient of the O.Henry Prize, he teaches at Western Carolina University. His next novel, The Cove, comes out in April 2012.

From Amazon The Cove Product Description

The New York Times bestselling author of Serena returns to Appalachia, this time at the height of World War I, with the story of a blazing but doomed love affair caught in the turmoil of a nation at war
Deep in the rugged Appalachians of North Carolina lies the cove, a dark, forbidding place where spirits and fetches wander, and even the light fears to travel. Or so the townsfolk of Mars Hill believe–just as they know that Laurel Shelton, the lonely young woman who lives within its shadows, is a witch. Alone except for her brother, Hank, newly returned from the trenches of France, she aches for her life to begin. 
Then it happens–a stranger appears, carrying nothing but a beautiful silver flute and a note explaining that his name is Walter, he is mute, and is bound for New York. Laurel finds him in the woods, nearly stung to death by yellow jackets, and nurses him back to health. As the days pass, Walter slips easily into life in the cove and into Laurel's heart, bringing her the only real happiness she has ever known.
But Walter harbors a secret that could destroy everything–and danger is closer than they know. Though the war in Europe is near its end, patriotic fervor flourishes thanks to the likes of Chauncey Feith, an ambitious young army recruiter who stokes fear and outrage throughout the county. In a time of uncertainty, when fear and ignorance reign, Laurel and Walter will discover that love may not be enough to protect them.
This lyrical, heart-rending tale, as mesmerizing as its award-winning predecessor Serena, shows once again this masterful novelist at the height of his powers.

Book Review | What I have to say

I enjoyed the book. The author took me on a journey into a sheltered life then into an engaging community that led to sunshine in a place hidden from the sun all to be taken away by the curse believed to be part of the land. I have to say the ending was not quiet what I expected. I did love it because not everyday is a happy ending. I did feel it kind of happened to fast but the author's writing kept me turning the pages with delight.

Does your book need to have a happy ending? Share with me. 

Keep Turning those pages!
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Review | We All Went on Safari

With school on the way we are practicing our 123's at home and what better way than with a book. Our bookshelf had this wonderful colorful book and we practiced our 123's with our new friends from Tanzania. From spying a lonely leopard at dawn's first light (1=moja) to watching ten elephants on a rocky hillside glen (10=kumi).

Book Review | What we learned

We had a blast practicing the numbers quiet a challenge for our two year old but he laughed and laughed counting to kumi!

Counting in Swahili
1 = moja (mo-jah)
2 = mbili (m-bee-lee)
3 = tatu (ta-too)
4 = nne (n-nay)
5 = tano (tah-no)
6 = sita (see-tah)
7 = saba (sah-bah)
8 = nane (nah-nay)
9 = tisa (tee-sah)10 = kumi (koo-mee)

The best was all the facts about Tanzania, including an explanation of the animals of Tanzania, Swahili names and numbers, and the lifestyle of the Masaii people follow the story and provide the framework for a great learning experience.

Book Review | About the book

from barefoot - Learn to count in Swahili while discovering African animals on an exciting safari through the grasslands of Tanzania. Facts about Tanzania, Swahili counting, the Maasai people and a map are included at the end.

A great thing about this book is it is part of the GIVING BACK way of Barefoot Books:
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation, to aid in their wildlife conservation and community building efforts in Tanzania.

And Barefoot Books supplied us with a wonderful activity. Can you think of four words to describe an elephant, do math problems and answer in Swahili... try this FUN Activity!

Book Review | What I think

So where else are we learning Swahili  no where!!! Where else could I have introduced to my child this information I love it! I love that my child is thinking outside of his neighborhood and that books and his family are sharing this together. Read the books - Mom's and Dad's the illustrations are amazing and the flow of the story is engaging. Take it and embrace it!!!

Do you have a special language? you shared with your child? Tell me.

Keep Turning those pages!
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Whats the deal | Procrastination

Procrastination Tick Tock
The days go by so fast and the nights don't fade into a moonlit darkness at a slow pace now that the fall season is upon us in my neck of the woods. Which does not help with the list of projects I am working on. Or could it be the signs of procrastination filtering into my days. I am thinking instead of writing this lovely blog or reading another wonderful book to share with you peeps. I am looking at images playing with quotes and just letting the project list slide.

Procrastination | Signs

I really get into this when I have a ton of projects on the calendar. I notice so many tell tale signs.
  • putting off projects
  • leaving a critical task until last minute
  • becoming counterproductive and keeping "busy" on needless work - yep I will just wander into the internet abyss

Procrastination | What they say

My favorite from Ellen - She cracks my up! And yes a little more procrastination but so much FUN! researching and finding this gem. 

Other famous quotes on the subject
"Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week." ~Spanish Proverb
"What may be done at any time will be done at no time." ~Scottish Proverb
"You may delay, but time will not." ~Benjamin Franklin
"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow." ~Mark Twain

Procrastination | My thoughts

Is it a just writers block or pure boredom. Do I need a recharge? step back take a glance at the big picture. Maybe, will be worth a try. So for now at least this post is complete. I am going to step back listen to some music, finish this book I just picked up from my library. And tomorrow will get on that task list (yup just a little more procrastination :)))))

What are your tell tale signs when you are procrastinating? Please share.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Book Review | Drowned By Therese Bohman

Struggling to finish this review. I am not sure why??? But I do have to say Oprah - what happened? I love your recommendations but this was not the page turner I expected . I am not saying it wasn't a good read but I did find it boring yeah a couple of peeks of tension and then the main thought going through my head was "this is it??? Read below will have details about the story so here is your warning ** SPOILER ALERT **

Book Review | Theme, Characters & Setting 

This book is written in the first person from Marina's perspective. Marina, an art history student in Stockholm, takes a train to the country to visit her sister Stella, who is living with an older man, a novelist named Gabriel. As I read the book I did feel like I was brought into the life in the little village and the loneliness of the house from the kitchen to the bedrooms. Feelings I did get from the setting were chilling, the loneliness of the walks and the property.

Book Review | A little Research

Therese Bohman is an editor of the magazine Axess and a columnist for Expressen and Tidningen Vi, writing about literature, art, culture, and fashion. She lives in Sweden. (from profile)

From Amazon Drowned Product Description
Drowned, set in the idyllic countryside during a short-lived Swedish summer, gets under one’s skin from the first page, creating an atmosphere of foreboding in which even the perfume of freshly picked vegetables roasting in the kitchen becomes ominous.
On the surface, the story couldn’t be simpler. A single young woman visits her older sister, who is married to a writer as charismatic as he is violent. As the young woman falls under her brother-in-law’s spell, the plot unfolds in a series of precisely rendered turns. Meanwhile the reader, anticipating the worst, hopes against hope that disaster can be averted.
More than a mere thriller, this debut novel delves deep into the feminine soul and at the same time exposes the continuing oppression of women in Sweden’s supposedly enlightened society. Mixing hothouse sensuality with ice-cold fear on every page, Drowned heralds the emergence of a major new talent on the international scene.

Book Review | What I have to say

So basically, Oprah over hyped it on her list of must read page turners for me the author descriptive details of the dinners and outdoor settings were excellent and she doesn't go overboard. There is some drama but not what I really expected from the first part of the story I was getting prepared for this thriller and then nothing. The amazing part was all of a sudden after Marina has a quickie affair with Gabriel and then second part of the book starts the sister is dead. What? I swear I had to turn back and do a double check. I don’t like the unresolved way of ending the story. I guess it is poetic but as I began to feel the fear of Gabriel I felt more of a pathetic sadness for Marina.
Did you read the book? Please share.

Keep Turning those pages!
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Did you recall? | author reviews

In the past I wrote some post on Authors I have read. This post is just a recap on some post you might have missed. I enjoyed learning about them and I hope you do to!

Author | Tom Franklin 

Author Notes :: Tom Franklin | A Reading Journal

Author Notes :: Tom Franklin. W e read this book in the begininng of the year. This is a brilliant story between two men, a town and a murderer. The best part was the secret at the end. Here is my review of the book.

Author | Sarah Addison Allen

Author Notes :: Sarah Addison Allen | A Reading Journal

Author Notes :: Sarah Addison Allen. L The Girl Who Chased the Moon et's get to know Ms.Sarah Addison Allen. A few months ago I read her book The Girl Who Chased the Moon: A Novel. I gave the book a 4 rating. Share a ..

Author | Kathryn White 

Author Notes | Kathryn White | A Reading Journal

Author Profile | Kathryn White. Below is a list of books she has written over the years. She states on her site that her first book was written when her daughter was one. Now that is amazing. What a great gift to her child. :). Will It Snow Again? The Nutty Nut Chase; Click Clack Crocodile's Back. Here is a list from for her full selection. .... J

I am reading some great books this month. I look forward to finding more about the author in this months selection. I will be sure to share with you!

Can you recommend another Author? Please share.

Keep Turning those pages!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

inspiration | beauty in words - poems

Poetry is a favorite - maybe because sometimes a simple phrase or words could mean so much in few words or many. My mom is a poet and I adore her energy in writing to her inner spirit. Imagine those words taking you to a place of complete expression. Brining your spirit to the top and letting the beauty soar.

Poems | Poets

We all know the great poets like Walt Whitman, John Donne, Emily Dickinson, William Butler Yeats andWallace Stevens.

“What is that you express in your eyes? It seems to me more than all the print I have read in my life. ” ― Walt Whitman

Poems | Links

The 10 Greatest Poets: My List
Amazons list of greatest Poets (not sure about this one but hey to each there own I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats)
The 10 best American poems

from Goodreads Poetry Genre New Releases Tagged "Poetry"

Poems | A Favorite

"Bright Star, Would I Were Steadfast as Thou Art
Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art 
Not in lone splendour hung aloft the night, 
And watching, with eternal lids apart, 
Like nature's patient sleepless eremite, 
The moving waters at their priestlike task 
Of pure ablution round earth's human shores, 
Or gazing on the new soft-fallen mask 
Of snow upon the mountains and the moors; 
No yet still steadfast, still unchangeable, 
Pillow'd upon my fair love's ripening breast,
To feel for ever its soft fall and swell, 
Awake for ever in a sweet unrest, 
Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath, 
And so live ever or else swoon to death. 
~ John Keats

Do you have a favorite poem? Please share.

Keep Turning those pages!
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Friday, September 14, 2012

a little idea | share a book for FREE

Everyone know I am crazy about books. And I just want everyone to experience that FUN of reading. So I came up with a silly idea called SHARE A BOOK. I was thinking just to get everyone interested in reading why not share my books. Yes, I donate them to the library, or preschools etc. But its always nice to really know someone that has read the book you are about to read. I am also happy to say my first SHARE A BOOK was with a new friend from Valdivia, Chile, South America, she received my copy of Unbearable Lightness and a friend from Australia author Helen McKenna sent a copy of The Beach House to be part of the SHARE a BOOK program.

Share a Book| Book of the Month

This month I have a copy of the Paris Wife By Paula McLain ready to be shipped as part of the SHARE A BOOK program on my site.

Share a Book | My Review

Hemingway one of my favorites but WOW I loved him and hated him in this book. It was a nice read and a wonderful insight to how the first wife of Hemingway fell in love with a writer. Yes, I know it is fiction but the story brought me right into their small apartment, the cafes with friends and enemies, the beaches of Spain and the mountains in Europe.... read more!

Share a Book | Join Us

Click here and enter your name and email. We will have a monthly drawing WHO doesn't like FREE gifts and especially a book.

If you are part of this community its simply three steps:
  1. Receive a book, 
  2. Read it, enjoy it and then 
  3. Share it!
Fill out the Share a Book - library card - let the next reader know your comments then share with the next owner of the book.
  I look forward to sharing more stories with you.

Keep Turning those pages!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

thought | writing inspiration

Today I was thinking about my favorite authors and the books they have written that have made me dream about becoming a writer. But I am wondering what was their inspiration. What made them say today I am writing?

Writing | Inspiration - Authors

Below are a few authors that inspired me through there works a variety of genres.


Writing | Inspiration - Links

Next, I wondered how they stayed focused below are some links for writers needing that extra push of inspiration.

Writing | Inspiration - for me

Well, its kind of like I need the challenge. It is not going to go into the computer unless someone is watching me. Kind of like losing that 10 lbs without the "weigh in" its not going to happen. So what do I use for inspiration and motivation...

  • A great day
  • a memory
  • a dream of what the story could be
  • a clear mind 
  • silence
What inspires you to write? Authors please share.

Keep Turning those pages!
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

news feature | Patriots Day 9/11

Somber day yesterday and everyone keeps asking, where were you? do you remember.

Patriots Day | I remember

  • going to work 
  • news on computer 
  • walking down stairs
  • heading to boyfriends office
  • car
  • traffic
  • worried about dying
  • worried about family
  • dark clouds
  • darkness

That is it for today!

peace and friendship to all xoxoox

Keep Turning those pages!
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Social issues | children reading and higher success!

Sometimes we have to pay attention, sit back and think how can you help a social issues. Of course one that is dear to me involves children reading. It is amazing that according to NEA facts about children literacy "Children who are read to at home have a higher success rate in school." 
  • count to 20, or higher than those who were not (60% vs. 44%) 
  • write their own names (54% vs. 40%) 
  • read or pretend to read (77% vs. 57%)
Then why don't more parents take a minute and spend 30minutes of quiet time and open a book. BUT I get it - time goes by, the days fall into evenings, the weekdays get gobbled up into weekends and life gets busy. So here are just some tips I searched for and crammed into one post up for you!

I love these tips from NEA Below are a few to share and I hope you can share with a friend, new parents anyone. 
  • Carry books to read to your child wherever you go - at the doctor's office, in line at the store, or on a long car ride. (You can also listen to stories on tape.) 
  • Visit your local library often. Get your children their own library cards. Try a story hour or other free event at the library. 
  • Let your child see you reading, whether it's the newspaper, a magazine, or the latest bestseller.

Children Reading | Comprehension Concerns

"Detecting problems early, in order to avoid other problems later on, is the most practical course." And the detailed information supplied at  Reading Rockets is a great source of information for a parent and educator.

Reading Rockets provides more information on the difficulties listed below:

Children Reading | Levels & Tips

It seems the standard testing in most schools is the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)
a  useful tool because it provides the teachers with a wealth of information about how each of the students is developing as a reader. And  Fountas & Pinnell, Lexile and Reading Recovery are part of many reading level charts. 

Reading tips from Healthy

The following are a few tips to keep in mind as your child learns to read:
  • Set aside time every day to read together. Many children like to have stories read to them at bedtime. This is a great way to wind down after a busy day and get ready for sleep.
  • Leave books in your child's room for her to enjoy on her own. Make sure her room is reading-friendly with a comfortable bed or chair, bookshelf, and reading lamp.
  • Read books that your child enjoys. After a while, your child may learn the words to her favorite book. When this happens, let your child complete the sentences or take turns reciting the words.
  • Do not drill your child on letters, numbers, colors, shapes, or words. Instead, make a game out of it and find ways to encourage your child's curiosity and interests.

Children Reading | Books & Links 


I hope you found this information useful. I know it definitely made me more aware about the importance of reading to our children. And I am glad to share with you all my little research on reading to children.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Author Profile | Author :: Kathryn White

Children books are one of my favorites, not only are the stories fun to read with my son but each book is a subtle reminder to keep things simple and the message becomes very clear. In my home we are getting ready for our BACK TO SCHOOL day on Monday. So this week we read one of Kathryn White books, Ruby's School Walk, engages us on a wonderful adventure that happens on her way to school. No crocodiles on our way to school but you never know!

Author Profile | Books

Below is a list of books she has written over the years. She states on her site that her first book was written when her daughter was one. Now that is amazing. What a great gift to her child. :)
  • Will It Snow Again?
  • The Nutty Nut Chase
  • Click Clack Crocodile's Back
Here is a list from for her full selection. 

Author Profile | About

Kathryn White is a children's author from Wells, Somerset

"Her first children's picture book; When They Fight was selected as a Notable Social Studies Book by the US Librarians Association. Her second picture book; Here Comes The Crocodile was shortlisted for the Sheffield and Nottingham Children's Book Awards. Ruby's School Walk is her latest picture book, published by Barefoot Books in the US and UK. Kathryn has published 30 titles." from Amazon. 

Author Profile | Links

Do you have a favorite children's author? Please share.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Writing Styles | Short stories - Can I do this?

hort stories is subject matter I have been thinking about as a writing project. During some research online I found some sources that I would like to share. According to Wikipedia, "A short story is a work of fiction that is usually written in prose, often in narrative format. A short story usually deals with a few characters and often concentrates on the creation of the mood rather than the plot." and a "short story focuses on one incident; has a single plot, a single setting, and a small number of characters; and covers a short period of time."

Getting Started | short story

So my thinking is this could be a great way to brainstorm and get the writing juices going to create the base of the larger story in my mind and heart. So the mission is to find out the basics of a short story. This is what I learned so far... Number 1 - READ short stories (hmmmm good idea) and more from wiki-how (How to write a short story) and down to number 14 DON'T GIVE UP!

Short Story | Authors

    And below are some AUTHORS from

Laments by Michael Embry
Still Life with Plums by Marie Manilla
Laments: Short Stories
by Michael Embry

Still Life with Plums: Short Stories
by Marie Manilla

Short Story | Links to Books

I really enjoyed reading about all of these authors and learning some basic tips on how to get started writing a short story. I know there are many sources and I only touched the surface. I do plan on getting to my local library for the writing class starting this month.

Do you have a favorite short story? Please share.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

A quick recap | Top 5 summer reads

ith the summer over I figured I could share with you my top stories we cherished during our summer holiday. I had a couple and my son picked some fun stories from our local library. Some took us on a far away adventure and a few made me think about how wonderful it is to have family and friends though out our lives supporting and loving throughout the years.

Below is my book collage for a few of the summer books that we loved to read.

Summer Books 2012

Now the school year has started we are off to a new set of books. Although I loved to keep reading a few books at a time this month I am aiming for two books and plenty of bedtime stories.

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