Saturday, December 1, 2012

Update from the heart | a confession


o this post has nothing to do with a book review but to just spread the word and keep myself true to the blogging world. I have been consumed with WORK. 

Yup the real deal, offline face to face work that is paying the bills. I really can't complain business has been great at AAPA Concepts. And my confession gets better - I have been planning and brainstorming a new deign for A Reading Journal. 

All the fun stuff has been working on my new web design in wordpress thesis with the help of the fabulous GirlsGuide toWeb Design class and using the knowledge of the Mama of Google Luv Vanita Cyril that will help to increase my audience hopefully more than a smidgen or two finger (reference for all the bar chicas) 

So bear with me ...I hope you are enjoying the quotes posting on the facebook page. That has been pure therapy for me in the mornings. You can also find them on my boards in Pinterest

So again here is to YOU - my virtual world.

New website coming | 2013

I can't wait for your feedback.

Wishes for you all | Happy Holidays

Take the time... kick back with family and friends - not just the facebook updates but reach out and speak to your family and friends I am sure they would love the notion.

Goals shmoals (my own word) | set up and break them

Yeah we all do it set them make a list, get all anxious, forget them just enjoy the new year things will get done and days will always get better.

Sound like a good plan for end of year? What is on your holiday schedule? Please share.

Keep Turning those pages!
Happy Reading,


p.s.| While you are reading this PS, I am reading STILL the RAVEN BOYS I'll post a full review in a future post. Be sure to subscribe at the top right so you don't miss it!

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