Monday, February 13, 2012

Classics for 2012 a little late but added to list!

I wanted to include a list of Classics to be read this year. Currently trying to decide which list to read so I did a quick search and decided  on the Wikipedia List. I created a table in my excel sheet and entered my handy dandy RAND formula and presto :: No decision needed technology made the selection. Below is the list for 2012. I hope you enjoy.


- The Princess and Curdie George MacDonald
- The Moonstone Wilkie Collins
- The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and  Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson
- The Deerslayer James Fenimore Cooper
- Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift
- The Napoleon of Notting Hill G.K. Chesterton
- Othello, The Moor of Venice William Shakespeare
- Middlemarch George Eliot
- The Princess and Curdie George MacDonald
- The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas
- Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson
- Tanglewood Tales for Girls and Boys Nathaniel Hawthorne

I am looking forward to turning these pages.

Much Love,


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