Monday, February 6, 2012

Fairies and Fear. Do you want to meet the Fairy King?

SCARED :: Couldn't look under the bed!

Yup that is what I told everyone I was when I was reading this book. I am the one to watch FRIENDS all night, give me a Joey line and I am laughing on the couch. Give me a scene from Hannibal or SCREAM or THE SHINING and you might not see my face as it is covered possibly with a blanket or hands covering my eyes peeking through the fingers and every light on in the house.

All closet doors shut and no looking under my bed at night.

So picking up this book and not putting it down I thought would be a challenge but it was not too difficult because Jennifer McMahon made me want more I had to figure out who was the Fairy King. What were all of these clues being dropped, wrong names, weird license plates, the friends from the past, how did they all tie together?? What happened to that town? Where is this girl?

Did I expect the ending? Kind of, but not the last page. Do I believe in Fairies? NAH but just maybe I do believe in that shadow.

Ms. McMahon is a talented writer. Pick up the book and let me know if you believe in Fairies.

Much love, 

Author: Jennifer McMahon
Genre: Literature & Fiction, Mystery
Theme: Family, Fairies, Family Saga
ISBN-13: 978-0061689376

About the book (Amazon)

One summer night in Vermont, 12-year-old Lisa went into the woods behind her house and never came out again. Before she disappeared, she told her little brother Sam about a door that led to a magical place where she would meet the King of the Fairies and become his queen.

Fifteen years later, Phoebe is in love with Sam , a practical, sensible man who doesn’t fear the dark and doesn’t have bad dreams—who, in fact, helps Phoebe ignore her own. But suddenly they are faced with a series of eerie, unexplained occurrences that challenge Sam’s hard-headed, realistic view of the world. As they question their reality, a terrible promise Sam made years ago is revealed and could destroy them all.


“[A] strange and unsettling shocker ... With the tale’s outcome utterly unforeseeable even as it races along, “Don’t Breathe a Word” leaves you breathless.” (Wall Street Journal )

“Jennifer McMahon’s novels are like the perfect winter truffle: dark, rich, earthy, and an absolute, decadent pleasure. Don’t Breathe a Word is a haunting page-turner that kept me up, spine shivering and enthralled, way past my bedtime.” (Joshilyn Jackson, NYT bestselling author of Gods in Alabama and Backseat Saints )

“Jennifer McMahon never flinches and never fails to surprise as her stories twist down unexpected roads. Don’t Breathe a Word balances love and horror as McMahon weaves a young couple into a perverse fairyland where Rosemary’s Baby could be at home.” (Randy Susan Meyers, author of The Murderer's Daughters )

“Beautifully written and spooky, Don’t Breathe a Word wraps around you and pulls you into a dark world of fairies and family secrets.” (Chevy Stevens, New York Times bestselling author of Still Missing )

Biography :: Jennifer McMahon (Amazon)
I was born in 1968 and grew up in my grandmother's house in suburban Connecticut, where I was convinced a ghost named Virgil lived in the attic. I wrote my first short story in third grade. I graduated with a BA from Goddard College in 1991 and then studied poetry for a year in the MFA in Writing Program at Vermont College. A poem turned into a story, which turned into a novel, and I decided to take some time to think about whether I wanted to write poetry or fiction. After bouncing around the country, I wound up back in Vermont, living in a cabin with no electricity, running water, or phone with my partner, Drea, while we built our own house. Over the years, I have been a house painter, farm worker, paste-up artist, Easter Bunny, pizza delivery person, homeless shelter staff member, and counselor for adults and kids with mental illness -- I quit my last real job in 2000 to work on writing full time. In 2004, I gave birth to our daughter, Zella. In 2005, we left the woods (for now), and moved to Barre, Vermont -- producer of one-third of all the granite gravestones and mausoleums in the US.

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