Monday, June 11, 2012

About the Author :: Cathy Lamb

I love reading books and drift into a new world or part of a tale that takes me on a journey. But most of all I enjoy learning about the authors. A few months ago I read First day of the Rest of My LifeBy Cathy Lamb.

I couldn't put the book down. (I bet all Authors aim for that in their readers :) What made me want to keep reading was my feeling of at home in the setting. I love Oregon. Not just because my favorite girl lives there but for the beauty of the country and the people. As a NYer we are use to the quick pace and never a good morning smile to a passer by but in OR its a norm. And I love it, so Ms Lambs books was a nice reminder of how beautiful that part of the country is to live in.

Cathy Lamb is a lovely storyteller. I was engaged in all of the characters and her twist in the plot were very alluring. Who knew I would end up in Israel??? Or be so intrigued by all the smaller characters - those Mob sisters were a HOOT and I just fell in love with her coaching style in her main character. And the scenes from the characters childhood - heartbreaking. Like I said a MUST READ. In my Share a Book rating it is a 5 - Loved it! Can't wait to share with you!!

Below are some details about the Author.
Beach Season
3.85 of 5 stars 3.85 avg rating — 13 ratings — published 2012

A Different Kind of Normal
4.33 of 5 stars 4.33 avg rating — 3 ratings — expected publica
Check out her books - let me know what you think.

 Keep turning those pages....
 Happy Reading,

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