Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Children Book Review :: Because Your Daddy Loves You

This adorable story was fun to read with my son. The story setting was just like one of our weekend days we just had with DAD. I would have to say most all the adventures they shared we mostly had, too. Although, our "drippy ice-cream cone" was an ice pop. Noted by my little guy :)

READ:: Because Your Daddy Loves You By Andrew Clements

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A nice reminder also to parents to not be in such a RUSH take it easy and be patient and affectionate. Familiar scenes and illustrations are well crafted. 

This is a terrific book for Father's Day. When we finished I have to be honest my little one did ask "Where is Mommy?" so I politely said "She was resting and reading her book" from the mouths of babes.

This book is a nice tribute to all of those DAD's that take the FULL responsibility and run with it. You are our hero's!

 Keep turning those pages....
 Happy Reading,

Product Description (From Amazon)

A day spent with a young child at the beach is filled with many minor dramas—a lost shoe, a ball that floats too far out into the water, a drippy ice-cream cone. These can be frustrating events for both child and parent, but the daddy in this book finds a way to fix each problem, lovingly and patiently. Why? Because he loves his little girl, of course! This spot-on pairing of words and images is a warm, reassuring, and humorous tribute to dads everywhere.

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