Thursday, July 26, 2012

A true confession to my BLOG

It's summer time and I need to confess my book reading has really come to a SLOW down. Yup I do declare as slow as a turtle crossing the main street. But I can let you know the books I have started are an EXTREME delight.

For me I have started two books but I want to add more.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterBy Seth Grahame-Smith 
  • I love the opening scene I am so intrigued to read more but by the time my little guy is down for the count lately so am I. (true confession)
  • I am also trying to get this book opened every time I go to the beach. (I have noticed these friendship books haven't been my greatest love this year but we will see)
So what have I been doing instead of spending my nights reading.

  • Gardening - We are part of a community garden in Patchogue, NY
  • Working - still working on getting my consulting business off the ground
  • Beach days - weekend is beach days 
  • BBQ's - spending time with family & friends
  • POOL TIME - little man loves it so we are busy floating and looking for treasures under the sea. 
We did read some great children's books. He is in summer school and the curriculum is Under the Sea. My next post will be about those books. 

I am hoping to get on track but right now I am still enjoying the summer. Cheers to all!

Keep Turning those pages
Happy Reading,


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