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Children Book Review :: Water, Weed, and Wait By Edith Hope Fine, Angela Halpin

Water, Weed, and Wait

e are part of our local community garden  when I saw this book I grabbed it. We read it that very day when we got home and little man was so excited to talk about what we planted. The anticipation we have as we go to the garden was shared in this book.

The illustrations in the book are a delight for the child and adult reading. It is so much fun to watch him point out the many vegetables. Below is a nice picture some of the vegetables we picked this past weekend.

Read :: Water, Weed, and Wait By Edith Hope Fine, Angela Halpin
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Product Description (from Amazon)

When Miss Marigold challenges the kids at Pepper Lane Elementary to turn an unpromising patch of their schoolyard into a garden full of fruits, flowers, and vegetables, they know they'll need all the help they can get. Soon everyone in the community is lending a hand—including an unlikely neighbor with a soft spot for gardening—and it isn't long before peppers, zuccchini, sugar peas, snapdragons, zinnias, and much more are growing and blooming.

Back matter includes photos of students gardening in real school gardens and information on how readers can start their own school or home garden project.

I hope you enjoy the book and the ideas to build a community garden. The benefits are not just a a bountiful harvest but wonderful community friendships.

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And from our Community Garden in Patchogue
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