Friday, September 14, 2012

a little idea | share a book for FREE

Everyone know I am crazy about books. And I just want everyone to experience that FUN of reading. So I came up with a silly idea called SHARE A BOOK. I was thinking just to get everyone interested in reading why not share my books. Yes, I donate them to the library, or preschools etc. But its always nice to really know someone that has read the book you are about to read. I am also happy to say my first SHARE A BOOK was with a new friend from Valdivia, Chile, South America, she received my copy of Unbearable Lightness and a friend from Australia author Helen McKenna sent a copy of The Beach House to be part of the SHARE a BOOK program.

Share a Book| Book of the Month

This month I have a copy of the Paris Wife By Paula McLain ready to be shipped as part of the SHARE A BOOK program on my site.

Share a Book | My Review

Hemingway one of my favorites but WOW I loved him and hated him in this book. It was a nice read and a wonderful insight to how the first wife of Hemingway fell in love with a writer. Yes, I know it is fiction but the story brought me right into their small apartment, the cafes with friends and enemies, the beaches of Spain and the mountains in Europe.... read more!

Share a Book | Join Us

Click here and enter your name and email. We will have a monthly drawing WHO doesn't like FREE gifts and especially a book.

If you are part of this community its simply three steps:
  1. Receive a book, 
  2. Read it, enjoy it and then 
  3. Share it!
Fill out the Share a Book - library card - let the next reader know your comments then share with the next owner of the book.
  I look forward to sharing more stories with you.

Keep Turning those pages!
Happy Reading,


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