Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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Today I was thinking about my favorite authors and the books they have written that have made me dream about becoming a writer. But I am wondering what was their inspiration. What made them say today I am writing?

Writing | Inspiration - Authors

Below are a few authors that inspired me through there works a variety of genres.


Writing | Inspiration - Links

Next, I wondered how they stayed focused below are some links for writers needing that extra push of inspiration.

Writing | Inspiration - for me

Well, its kind of like I need the challenge. It is not going to go into the computer unless someone is watching me. Kind of like losing that 10 lbs without the "weigh in" its not going to happen. So what do I use for inspiration and motivation...

  • A great day
  • a memory
  • a dream of what the story could be
  • a clear mind 
  • silence
What inspires you to write? Authors please share.

Keep Turning those pages!
Happy Reading,


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