Monday, September 10, 2012

Social issues | children reading and higher success!

Sometimes we have to pay attention, sit back and think how can you help a social issues. Of course one that is dear to me involves children reading. It is amazing that according to NEA facts about children literacy "Children who are read to at home have a higher success rate in school." 
  • count to 20, or higher than those who were not (60% vs. 44%) 
  • write their own names (54% vs. 40%) 
  • read or pretend to read (77% vs. 57%)
Then why don't more parents take a minute and spend 30minutes of quiet time and open a book. BUT I get it - time goes by, the days fall into evenings, the weekdays get gobbled up into weekends and life gets busy. So here are just some tips I searched for and crammed into one post up for you!

I love these tips from NEA Below are a few to share and I hope you can share with a friend, new parents anyone. 
  • Carry books to read to your child wherever you go - at the doctor's office, in line at the store, or on a long car ride. (You can also listen to stories on tape.) 
  • Visit your local library often. Get your children their own library cards. Try a story hour or other free event at the library. 
  • Let your child see you reading, whether it's the newspaper, a magazine, or the latest bestseller.

Children Reading | Comprehension Concerns

"Detecting problems early, in order to avoid other problems later on, is the most practical course." And the detailed information supplied at  Reading Rockets is a great source of information for a parent and educator.

Reading Rockets provides more information on the difficulties listed below:

Children Reading | Levels & Tips

It seems the standard testing in most schools is the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)
a  useful tool because it provides the teachers with a wealth of information about how each of the students is developing as a reader. And  Fountas & Pinnell, Lexile and Reading Recovery are part of many reading level charts. 

Reading tips from Healthy

The following are a few tips to keep in mind as your child learns to read:
  • Set aside time every day to read together. Many children like to have stories read to them at bedtime. This is a great way to wind down after a busy day and get ready for sleep.
  • Leave books in your child's room for her to enjoy on her own. Make sure her room is reading-friendly with a comfortable bed or chair, bookshelf, and reading lamp.
  • Read books that your child enjoys. After a while, your child may learn the words to her favorite book. When this happens, let your child complete the sentences or take turns reciting the words.
  • Do not drill your child on letters, numbers, colors, shapes, or words. Instead, make a game out of it and find ways to encourage your child's curiosity and interests.

Children Reading | Books & Links 


I hope you found this information useful. I know it definitely made me more aware about the importance of reading to our children. And I am glad to share with you all my little research on reading to children.

Keep Turning those pages!
Happy Reading,


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