Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Children books are one of my favorites, not only are the stories fun to read with my son but each book is a subtle reminder to keep things simple and the message becomes very clear. In my home we are getting ready for our BACK TO SCHOOL day on Monday. So this week we read one of Kathryn White books, Ruby's School Walk, engages us on a wonderful adventure that happens on her way to school. No crocodiles on our way to school but you never know!

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Below is a list of books she has written over the years. She states on her site that her first book was written when her daughter was one. Now that is amazing. What a great gift to her child. :)
  • Will It Snow Again?
  • The Nutty Nut Chase
  • Click Clack Crocodile's Back
Here is a list from for her full selection. 

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Kathryn White is a children's author from Wells, Somerset

"Her first children's picture book; When They Fight was selected as a Notable Social Studies Book by the US Librarians Association. Her second picture book; Here Comes The Crocodile was shortlisted for the Sheffield and Nottingham Children's Book Awards. Ruby's School Walk is her latest picture book, published by Barefoot Books in the US and UK. Kathryn has published 30 titles." from Amazon. 

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