Saturday, September 8, 2012

Writing Styles | Short stories - Can I do this?

hort stories is subject matter I have been thinking about as a writing project. During some research online I found some sources that I would like to share. According to Wikipedia, "A short story is a work of fiction that is usually written in prose, often in narrative format. A short story usually deals with a few characters and often concentrates on the creation of the mood rather than the plot." and a "short story focuses on one incident; has a single plot, a single setting, and a small number of characters; and covers a short period of time."

Getting Started | short story

So my thinking is this could be a great way to brainstorm and get the writing juices going to create the base of the larger story in my mind and heart. So the mission is to find out the basics of a short story. This is what I learned so far... Number 1 - READ short stories (hmmmm good idea) and more from wiki-how (How to write a short story) and down to number 14 DON'T GIVE UP!

Short Story | Authors

    And below are some AUTHORS from

Laments by Michael Embry
Still Life with Plums by Marie Manilla
Laments: Short Stories
by Michael Embry

Still Life with Plums: Short Stories
by Marie Manilla

Short Story | Links to Books

I really enjoyed reading about all of these authors and learning some basic tips on how to get started writing a short story. I know there are many sources and I only touched the surface. I do plan on getting to my local library for the writing class starting this month.

Do you have a favorite short story? Please share.

Keep Turning those pages!
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